Mirror of Nextcloud Server Download

This website is a non official and not affiliated to NextCloud mirror of the updates.nextcloud.com service. It serves update files telling that the releases are not on download.nextcloud.com (the usual server), but on ncdownload.octopuce.fr, therefore providing a faster and stable mirror of NextCloud releases. It is updated automatically hourly and provides files with the same signature as the official NextCloud ones.

To use this mirror in place of the official one, add the following line in your config/config.php file :

     'updater.server.url' => 'https://ncupdate.octopuce.fr/updater_server/',    

Now you can launch cd updater;php updater.phar , this will use the new mirror.

This is based on the code of https://github.com/nextcloud/updater_server which is the official update system of NextCloud. thanks to them for providing us with every free code they build as a free software anyone can use and hack on <3

This mirror is provided free of charge by Octopuce, a french free-software managed hosting provider based in Paris.

Nextcloud Octopuce